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Chapter 2

       It had been a few days since Lachlin and Fen started their journey. Lachlin felt that the two should get used to each other so he delayed the time for them to leave. Once he felt confortable they started traveling on route 5. Not long after, he came across a wild skiddo. The pokemon was grazing the grass and once it noticed him it stared. Lachlin began to reach for Fen's pokeball while he slowly walk towards the pokemon. Once he got close enough he threw Fen's pokeball and out came the pokemon. He barked and the skiddo used tackle on Fen. Fen on the other hand dodged the attack and Lachlin gave it an order.
         "Fen, use tackle," he ordered and the it did as it was told. Fen landed a hit on skiddo and it tackled Fen again. This time it hit its mark and Fen had gotten knocked back. Lachlin order Fen to use growl and the skiddo proceeded to attack again. Fen dodged and then it used tackle on the skiddo. The skiddo got knocked to the ground and Lachlin threw a pokeball. When it hit the skiddo it opened and the pokemon went into the pokeball. Several seconds passed as Lachlin and Fen watched the pokeball wabble from side to side then it a soft click sound came from it. Lachlin smiled and picked up the pokeball.
     "Yes," he exclaimed, "we have a new partner." Fen barked and lachlin motioned for him to come over. He pulled out a potion from his bag and began spraying the wounds on Fen. "You did good, here is a reward," lachlin said and gave the pokemon a poke puff.
    Fen happily ate it and Lachlin picked up Fen.   As they moved along the route they encountered a skate park. Several teenagers were riding around on skates or skateboards, doing all kids of tricks. Some were grinding on the rails while some were just cruising around.
      "Wanna take a break," Lachlin asked and Fen barked in approval. They moved over to an empty bench and Lachlin sat down. Fen jumped up and lay down beside him. Lachlin pulled out a potion and summoned Skiddo. It bleated and walked up to its new trainer.
       "Let me take care of your wounds Skiddo, they must hurt," Lachlin said and the pokemon ablidged. After he sprayed the pokemon's wounds, he gave it a poke puff. Fen blew out some embers to show it was upset and Lachlin gave it a puff as well. "I spoil you too much," he said as he scratched Fens head. Skiddo lied down next to its trainer on the ground and had fallen asleep. Lachlin then pulled out his drawing pad and began to draw.
       Minutes passed and then he saw something sit next to him and Fen. He looked up to see a blond girl sitting next to him.
         "It's alright if I sit here, right," she asked and Lachlin nodded. She brought out a camera and began to clean the lense with a peice of cloth. Lachlin began to draw again and he felt like he alwas being watched. He glaced over and saw the girl watching him. His mind began to feel hazy so he put away his drawing and stood up to stretch.
        "Sorry," the girl said and Lachlin waved it off.
        "Dont be, my mind was just getting hazy. It happen when I get too creative," he said and the girl smiled.
        "Oh, your brain was burning out," she said. Lachlin nodded in response and began to stretch. "I'm Samantha," the girl said as she began to clean the camera again.
         "Lachlin, nice to meet you. The fenniken beside you is my partner Fen and this is Skiddo," he said. Fen barked and Skiddo bleated. Samantha lifted her camera and snapped a picture of the two pokemon.
         "Thats a good one. Lightings right, their position, I love it," Samantha said with a smile.
        "Photography," Lachlin asked and Samantha raised a brow. "Your hobby is photography," he asked again and she nodded.
         "Oh, yes, well more like a passion. I love takimg photos of pokemon, and people. Ive been doing it since I was a little girl," she explained and Lachlin nodded to show he was listening.
          "Same here. I have been drawing since I was a young boy. Its become a bit of a habbit to draw when I'm either stress or bored," he said.
            "Is there a certain person that inspired you to start drawing," Samantha asked and Lachlin shook his head.
            "I wasnt inspired by anyone to draw. One day I just started drawing out of boredom and I got hooked. What about you," Lachlin asked. Samantha reached in her bag and pulled out a picture. She gave it to Lachlin and he was confused. It was a picture of a blond haired woman kneeling down and petting a pokemon. It was a light blue pokemon with, what looked like a yellow cap. Lachlin recognized the pokemon from his time in the Hoenn region. Lachlin did not recognize the woman though.
          "That's Viola, the pokemon gym leader in Santalune city. When she isnt a gym leader she is a pokemon photographer. I love her work and someday I wish to be like her. She is having an unveiling at her museum the day after tomorrow and Im hoping to catch the bus to Santalune city," Samantha said. 'She seems to really look up to her,' Lachlin thought.
       "Oh, have you already challeneged her," she asked and Lachlin shook his head.
        "I was already passed Santalune city when I got Fen. Besides, it never occured to me that I could enter into the pokemon league," Lachlin explained and Samantha started to put her camera.
         "Well, if your pokemon are too strong they wont listen to you, remember that. Hey, why dont you come with me to Santalune city. Well, if you want, if you dont want to enter the league then you dont have to," she said and Lachlin began to think on the subject. 'Well there is the fact that Fen and Skiddo wont listen once they get strong enough, which will be troubling. Then there is my father. Maybe if I won the league he would respect that I have grown up,' he thought and he came to his decision.
         "Sure, I will go, there are more advantages than disavantages when taking on the league," he responded. Samantha picked up her bag and looked at her wrist watch to check the time.
      "The bus will be here in 10 minutes, get your things together and we can wait at the bus stop," Samantha explained. Lachlin put his pokemon away and they waited for the bus. The two talked more until the bus had come. Lachlin felt he had made his first friend in several years.
Chapter 2
Second chaptee, took a long time to edit this. Even longer to acutally make it. It is a slice of life story right now but i will be sure to add acutal pokemon battles later.
DnD zelda character by shadowworrier
DnD zelda character
So Smooth and Storm are making a DnD campaign with the Zelda universe and this is my character. He does not have a name yet or much of a backstory. His colors are not entirly offical, namely the hair color. Will post final later or tomorrow.
Peach and Shadow by shadowworrier
Peach and Shadow
Got bored and messed around with SFM. On a side note what inspired this was that I have been playing Terraria more often. Also i havnt used peach in a while so eh. BTW Peach does not belong to me she belongs to dice.

dice's twitter cause i dont know if he has Devart:
Chapter 1

     Through the centuries people and pokemon have relied on each other. This is either directly or indirectly. Some people keep pokemon as pets while others tame and train them. This is one such story about a teen who begins his journey as a trainer.
      It was a sunny day in the city of Lumiose city and the citizens were enjoying it. Kids were running around playing while their parents were either working or in the stores shopping. Some people chose to go to a certain coffee shop named cafe de vanille.
        In front of the cafe were sever tables and a few were occupied by couples while there was one that sat a lone dark haired teenage boy.
           He was wearing a whit tshirt, blue jeans, glasses and a black fedora. His hair was black and his eyes were blue. Every few minutes he would check his phone to see what time it was.
     He sighed when he saw that it was passdd the meeting time of him and a family friend. He then pulled out a book and began to read. Several minutes passed and he heard a voice from behind him. "Sorry to keep you waiting, Lachlin," the voice said. Lachlin looked up from his book and turned around to see a tall, blue haired woman in a labcoat holding a blue breifcase.
     "Oh, Professor Chantel. I thought that Professor Sycamore coming to meet me," he said as he closed his book. Professor Chantel is one of his mothers old friends, but not the one he was to meet.
      "Well he was but he got caught up in some research. You know him, once he gets started he sometimes can't stop," Professor Chantel responded as she took a seat across from Lachlin.
       "I am sorry for having to asking you to out here, and can you tell the professor I am sorry," he requested and Chantel shook her head in disapproval. "Don't be, your mother explained the situation and we both understand why you want to go on an adventure. Though the professor was surprised when he found out you were 15 years old and you still haven't had a pokemon."
    "Yeah we did a lot of moving from region to region, so I wasn't able to get a pokemon," Lachlin explained. Professor Chantel nodded and set the breifcase on top of the table and opened it. Within the briefcase were three pokeballs.
    "OK, so you have three pokemon to choose from," She started and she took one of them and pressed the button in the center and out came a pokemon. It gave a cry and it sat down. It was a small pokemon. It had a green shell around its head. It's body was light brown while it's arms were dark brown.
     "This is chespin, the grass type pokemon," she said and she grabbed another pokeballs out of the briefcase and released another pokemon. This one looked like a small fox. It's fur was yellow and at the tip of the tail is yellow. It let out a cry and a puff of ember came out of its mouth.
      "This is fennekin, the fire type," the professor said and Lachlin nodded to show he was paying attention. At this point he was starting to get curious what the next pokemon was. Though he had lived in Kalos for three years, he never really had the chance to see the starters. Professor Chantel grabbed the final pokeball and released the final pokemon. When it landed on the ground it made a cry and a few bubbles floated up.
         "And finally, Froakie, the water type pokemon. These are the three starter pokemon, and you will have to choose one of them. Choose wisely though, because once you make a choice you can not trade it," Professor Chantel explained and Luchlin nodded.
         'Hm, it would be useful to have a chespin, but a Froakie is pretty cool. The there is fennekin, it is a fire type. Hm, who to choose, who to choose,' Lachlin thought. A couple of minutes passed and Lachlin finally made his decision.
         "I choose Fennekin," he said as he gave a smile at the pokemon. It jumped up in excitement and trotted over to its new trainer. "Alright then, here is its pokeball and you might want this," Professor Chantel said and she gave him the pokeball along with a square red, white, and black object. "That is a pokedex. It contains all the data of every pokemon in Kalos, as well as some other pokemon in other regions. Oh and you will also need some pokemon food." The professor handed him some money and retrieved the pokemon.
         "Well my business is done here. I hope you have a great adventure and make a lot of friends along the way," she said with a smile and Lachlin bowed. "Thank you for your time ma'am," he said and Professor Chantel nodded and walking away.
          Fennekin was sitting next to Lachlin's feet and he picked it up. "Alright, seeing that we are going to be partners now, I guess I should give you a nickname. Hm, how about Fenny," he asked and the Fennekin shook it's head. "Alright then, how about kenny." It shook it's head again. "Hm.....Oh I've got it, how about Fen." This time the Fennekin appeared as it were thinking about the name and it finally nodded in approval. "Good, you will now be referred to as Fen. My name is Lachlin, pleased to meet you." The fennekin let out a short bark and after Lachlin grabbed his bag and book the two set off to the store to buy some food and other supplies. After they did that they set off on their adventure.
Chapter 1
Not as good as it should be but eh i tried
So lately I've been wanting to wright more so right now I'm working on a Pokémon fan fix cause I've been playing a lot of it. So look out for i. Also I think I like the main character.
So lately I've been wanting to wright more so right now I'm working on a Pokémon fan fix cause I've been playing a lot of it. So look out for i. Also I think I like the main character.


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Not much to say. Am a gamer (pretty much can be in a full blown conversation about them if choose to) and at times funny. Very quiet though. The avatar picture is my oc. I have absolutely no arrtistc talent but i like to see others pics they make though.

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